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fuel gauge

New User
Posts: 7
Joined: 03/12
Posted: 06/12/13 08:06 PM

have an 89 gt and recently had dash out.Ever since i put it back in the fuel gauge was stuck at 1/2 tank.Removed again(made sure needle was free) and now needle is reading past full and drops to 1/2 when car is off.Did i break something on back of cluster?Apparently it still is getting signal from sending unit.any help will be appreciated  

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New User
Posts: 41
Joined: 03/13
Posted: 06/13/13 07:43 PM

why not follow along with some of the trouble shooting of the cluster in this article from another mustang magazine on this site..

i was looking around for images... let us know if that does not help...

and do you own a digital volt meter so you can probe the connectors between the printed circuit and the gauge connections????

more to come ...  

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New User
Posts: 7
Joined: 03/12
Posted: 06/18/13 12:43 PM

Thanks.Great article.Think I have it traced to bad anti slosh module. Only one i can find local is from a 90 its the plug in style and mine is the bolt on.Is there anyway to connect the plug in one to the bolt on style? Read somewhere good tape? Or should i try to fix original? Fixin original should be simple once the bad resistor is found.I hear the big red one is the culprit most of the time.  

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