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1999 Mustang v6 swapped with a 351 Windsor, seriously I really did!

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Posted: 03/22/13 07:48 PM

I swapped my old wore out v6 for a 351 Windsor out of a 1970 mach 1 with C6 Tranny, hurst quarter stick shifter ,a nasty cam, an edelbrock rpm air gap intake,msd 6al ign system and a holly street avenger 650 cfm 4 bbl carb.This car is insanely fast but it drinks gas like nobody's business.The guys who did this for me didnt have to use a special k member they just made custom motor mounts and they also put the engine as close to the firewall as possible.Of course the drive shaft had to be cut and welded.The engine is taller than we thought it would be so we had to cut down the air cleaner and notch out the hood.We actually turned the pretend scoop on the stock hood into a functional hood scoop by cutting it out.Still with all this modification the air cleaner is snug against the hood though it will shut.I will be getting a functional cowl hood.The only gauge that works is the ammeter.The speedo is not mechanical so that wont work yet without modification.The tach requires some special harness to make it compatible with the msd ign.Gas gauge wont work?Its a wiring nightmare still under construction but it runs like a scalded dog and with the magna flow mufflers and cam it makes a 5.0 sound like a whispering golf commentator on  television.  

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Posted: 03/22/13 09:40 PM

wow... great install..

have to look thru the wiring diagrams carefully and study the factory service manual to see how the gas gauge works..  

upload some images to photobucket and then use the links that begin with IMG..  

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Posted: 07/08/13 05:35 PM

I have learnt that when engine swapping, you need to make a list of what you need to address. If they didn't remove the computer and wiring harness. You might have a chance of getting the things you need the most to work. For you gas sucking monster, the only thing I know you could do is get a AOD TRANSMISSION, You went from a 4speed w/od to a 3spd. auto. That's what hurting your gas mileage!!!. I put a 5.0 in my 97 coupe which was a 3.8. I left the 5 spd, in it. But I had a lot of wiring issues. It takes time and a lot of patiences.  

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