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Unknow cyl heads

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Posted: 08/17/13 05:53 PM

Hi every one I just signed up in this forum.
I own a 71 Ford Maverick with an 87 Stang drive train it has a most stock motor Speed density injection gt40p heads gt 40 intake T5 trans and an 8inch 3.55 ratio rear end.

the other day I swapped engines on a friend's 86 Mercury capri so he gave me some extra parts he had at his garage like a pair of aluminum heads with 1.6 rockers and an E303 camshaft. problem is that We know nothing about these heads, there is no brand stamped on them just a serial number that I googled with no results.
So I was wondering if anyone would know anything about these heads by looking at these pics. I know its hard to tell by pictures only but I have to try..

Other question. how would my car run with this cam? idle wise, I know that I will have to upgrade to mass air system..

IMG 1235
IMG 1230 2

IMG 1229 1
IMG 1228 2

IMG 1231
IMG 1227  

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Posted: 08/17/13 06:03 PM

I know this is a mustang forum but, it's all in the family. Smirk  here are some pics of my car...
05 30 09011

Oct142008018 1  

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Posted: 08/17/13 11:02 PM

wow... that's a LOT of motor stuffed in there...

perhaps you could unbolt the rocker arms from one of the heads as i could see some marking on them.. but could not read enough to figure out which ones they might be..

here is an article with several 5.0 aluminum heads.. perhaps you might be able to compare...

maybe that will help  

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