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82 four eyed fox from the yard

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Posted: 10/02/13 07:53 PM

Need some help guys! Got a 82 fox GT factory locked up 2v 302 and 4 speed. Literally pulled it out the jaws of death for this project!. Anyway it will have a 91 5.0 with a lot more radical cam, much better heads, and valve springs, and a lot of other goodies plus the addition of a T5 and aluminum shaft. THe question is I have the complete wiring harness computer, upper and lower, throttle body, ect out of a 91fox model that I want to install in the car. What I need to know is has anyone here ever been in this far and if so can you tell me which wires on the harness I need to make hot so that I can get it started? Or, who can I contact for this information Once I get it started and dialed in in the factory form I can then start adding other heavy power adders to the mix. Thanks in advance for your help.  

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Posted: 10/08/13 07:27 PM

You will need to get a Factory or aftermarket service  manual to get the correct feed lines for your project. I'll tell you why. I worked as a consultant for a Ford, Lincoln/Mercury dealer. Ford from year to year even in the mid year will change wiring schematics and not only are power connections very important, your grounds are just as important too. I chased lose grounds for a power seat, that was located in the R/Rear tail light group. This was on a 2000 Town Car, but still the same.
  If you didn't remove the engine and transmission and wiring harness, and didn't mark any of the harness and their connections you will have a real project on your hands. That's why you will need a service manual.
  Now FOMOCO had not only a Vin Number that you will need, but they also used an engineering number. When you get your service manual make sure to get one as close to the production date as your vehicle.
  The only thing I can tell you is with any big project such as yours, take your time, and be patient. try this web-site for manuals. www.cartechbooks.com
  I have done a number of GM cars with engine swaps to newer years. I always tried to be the one to remove the harness. For obvious reasons. The car that I really had a problem with, was a stolen 2002 ZO6 Corvette. It was driven off the road when the police chased them and crushed the floor. The engine caught fire from the lack of oil. Four techs worked on it, and when we were sick of it we just walked away from it. I was also a consultant for a GM dealer. The Corvette was stolen from the dealers lot, so the insurance company would not total it.
  It was way beyond anything I ever worked on before. It wasn't only the electrical wire harness, but the vacuum lines were just as bad.
  I don't want to scare you away from your project, but take your time and buy the correct books for your ride.
  The only other thing I can suggest is this. Break your project down. The electrical system for the fuel pump should be treated as one project. The dash, the wipers and that system etc. remember take your time, and be careful when you first put power to your project.
  Have water or a fire extinguisher close by. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but if you should have a fire and your 30' from your water or extinguisher what's the sense in having any?



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