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Cat back vs Axel back

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Posted: 05/12/13 10:17 PM

Been shopping around online for the Borla atak exhaust and have found several different places such as American muscle. Anyway I'm a bit confused on truly what the difference between the axel back and cat back is. Now saying that I'm aware that axel back is literally just mufflers back and cat back is supposed to be from the catalectic converter back, now most cat back systems for other cars I've seen I thought included a mid pipe, but it seems the cat backs for the mustangs only include over axel pipes which are connected to the factory H-pipe to the axel back section. So what's the difference between axel back and cat back other than the price and over axel pipes coming with the cat back? Is there that much sound difference? Am I missing something?  

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Posted: 07/14/13 01:04 PM

Catback systems consist of the pipe that connects from the converter the muffler. Axleback systems which are available mainly for late model cars, the muffler connects to the tailpipe at the rear of the car.  

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