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2003 GT 5.0 coyote swap

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Posted: 11/04/13 12:36 PM

70% Complete - Have more body mods and cosmetics to install in addition.

A tough swap for an automatic, a lot of custom modifications needed to be done. Any questions? please ask im more than willing to help.

4 comp cams stage 2
new oil pump/pan
rear and front suspension(pics soon)
shocks etc
custom headers to 3"xpipe - 3inc mac catback to 3 1/2 tips
new fuel systems, duel injection tank
new gauge cluster(pics soon)
steeda CAI (pics soon)
4.10 gears
2011 gt coyote 5.0 4v
auto transmission
halo project
rear led lights
rear honey deck
chin spolier (pics soon)
18" black saleen rims + nitto tires
break caliper cover (pics soon)
3" exhuast (custom headers to 3" BBK swap xpipe to 3" catback to 3 1/2 tips

All work done out of Alternative Motorsports in Slidell, Louisiana
- alternativemotorsports.net

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Posted: 11/08/13 04:33 AM

wow.. that came out nice...

did you brake many shoe horns sliding that one in???

and much to other peoples moaning.. please.. make sure that you have Great grounds for everything ..

bat neg to engine.. and to body..

engine to firewall..

computer harness near the PCM to body

computer harness to the engine..

and all the grounds across the core support and the one or two on each inner fender..

why... because the grounds are HALF THE CIRCUIT..   and the side that has all the electrons on it..

i know of a business owner.. non automotive but still transportation.. he dropped a huge pile of money.. on dropping  a late fuel injected hemi.. into his 2003 jeep something.. wrangler? and it just would not run right..  i told him to take the stack of ground wire ring terminals off the studs on the firewall.. and wire brush both sides of each and the studs.. then reassemble and try it..   i was supposed to go out there the next day if that did not fix it..  he never called..  guess that 50 grand plus was not enough money to get his own staff to clean the ground connections..

i wonder if the license plate  YPYPYAO is available.

why those letters... its my version of the coyote yelp.   thats just how i would sound it out.. how you spell it  is up to you... and if there are spaces available between them in your state. .  

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