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convertible top help!!

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Posted: 07/08/13 10:38 PM

so i just bought a 93  convertible GT as my first car. Bodies straight only problem is the interiors pretty banged up mostly the driver and passenger seats. But those are the least of my worries. My biggest problem is my top wont go up! When i flip the switch i get a clicking noise but no movement. Any ideas how to fix or replace it?

Also im missing a rear window any ideas how to fix that without replacing the whole top?  

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Posted: 07/08/13 11:35 PM

welcome.. there are 4 mustang and ford specific magazines here with about 40 other car and truck magazines..  top issues..

the switch operates relays..  but the switch does NOT supply current to the relay contacts..

ford uses 3 wire top pumps..   so one wire gets positive when a relay closes..  the connection goes thru one winding and out to the black wire that is grounded to the body..

to make the pump go the other way...  the other relay supplies power to a different winding in the motor.. where is connects to ground at the body...

before going any farther..  please clean and verify all the grounds at the front of the car..  there is one on either side of the radiator core.. and one on each side of the inner fender.. plus one from the back of the motor to the firewall..

before you call me totally CRAZY...  the GROUND Side of the electrical system .. IS HALF the circuit..   how many power drills are you going to plug in at the end of the 100 foot cord.. when the plug at the far end is only half way plugged in..  just sort of dangling at the wall outlet.

so... to save a LOT of grief..  lets start at the front of the car.. might take about 10 minutes and will make your mustang run better.. 20 minutes if you disconnect the battery.. count the ring terminals on the starter relay .. take them off and wire brush both sides and the stud.. then reconnect and count them again..  nothing worse than dropping a wire that you did not notice..

first... lets look at a few diagrams...

Mustang 90 Convertabletopdiagram Zps34dbbfb6

do you see the relays close contacts and send power from the fusible link C.. thats is usually located at the starter relay. but it could also be under the dash..  depending on the year..

note the top motor is grounded thru the black wire.
lack of power from the front of the car..

lack of ground connection at the motor wiring.. or at the front of the car..

bad relays..   bad top motor..

checking wire is mostly free...

can you see the green squares i pasted on this drawing??? those are where the ground wires are..

i have to clean or clean and repair those ground connections on almost every ford i work on..


i even stopped at a pair of fellows changing the alternator on their mustang at the local az.. i grabbed the ground wires .. they were ALL loose..  wonder why they were changing the alternator for the third time. .  

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