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Front plate delete

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 08/13
Posted: 08/31/13 04:22 PM

I have a 13 GT500. I bought a front plate holder from jlt whick doesn't screw into the front bumper. I read in you new issue that the doctor got a ticket for no front plate. He shoud try the front plate holder from jlt which doesn't make any holes in the front of the car. Mine works great, Laugh  

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New User
Posts: 39
Joined: 01/12
Posted: 09/30/13 02:37 PM


Yeah that sure will happen. I don't know if there are any States that use just one plate anymore. Back in the day Connecticut, Pennsylvania had one plate.

I use to get company cars. Front license plates brackets were an option. A cheap option $10.00 or so. Grin  Cool  But you need to install that front license plate bracket. One other thing install it were the factory made provisions for it. You will probably find little Dimples in the Crush Bumper. If you purchase the factory bracket you should get self tapping screws. I did enough of them getting a company car every 16 months or so. Its not worth the fine....



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New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 10/13
Posted: 10/29/13 03:43 PM

You can also look at the 2 piece Sto N Sho from it attaches under the car but you can always remove the front plate when you want and the base plate stays mounted under the car.  

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