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82 four eyed fox from the yard

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Posted: 10/02/13 07:53 PM

Need some help guys! Got a 82 fox GT factory locked up 2v 302 and 4 speed. Literally pulled it out the jaws of death for this project!. Anyway it will have a 91 5.0 with a lot more radical cam, much better heads, and valve springs, and a lot of other goodies plus the addition of a T5 and aluminum shaft. THe question is I have the complete wiring harness computer, upper and lower, throttle body, ect out of a 91fox model that I want to install in the car. What I need to know is has anyone here ever been in this far and if so can you tell me which wires on the harness I need to make hot so that I can get it started? Or, who can I contact for this information Once I get it started and dialed in in the factory form I can then start adding other heavy power adders to the mix. Thanks in advance for your help.  

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Posted: 10/02/13 09:37 PM

you will will want to at least print these diagrams i scribbled on..

92 Mustang50dashharnesstoengine Zps6b8bd958

92 Mustangr50relays Zps9f96e3a1

88Mustangefiharness Zpsd8a5c042

92 Mustang50ecmconnector Zpsbf55ea49

this is your engine harness for the fuel injection system.. should be fairly close to whats on the car currernly

1995 Mustang 50Engineharness Zpsa2c34211

92 Mustang 50 Componentlocator Zps9025fcf1  

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Posted: 10/22/13 04:28 PM

Great job on the schematics very detailed info. You may have covered this and more. No doubt you have the info but are the main fuse boxes the same? The box might need to be modded to work for the electric fuel pump assuming it has a EFP. Another point is all this swapping over to a "locked up" engine is puzzling. I hope that helps.


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