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86 conv. 5.0 wiring conversion need help

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Posted: 02/16/14 05:33 AM

I have a 86 conv with a supercharged stroker in it. However I bought a 93 conv 4 banger that's smashed. I want to do a complete interior swap. My question is when I swap the interior harness to accommodate the dash am I going to run into any other problems. I see the 2 connectors by the wiper motor are different from the 86 v8 to the 93 4cyl harness.    Is there any difference between the 4cyl and v8 harness in 93?  I'm just trying to prepare myself for the change. Also with doing this am I better getting the complete engine harness for the maf or just the adapter kit with a a9l box? thanks for any advice  

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Posted: 02/16/14 09:02 AM

yes you are going to run into problems with the dash swap... but it will take a LOT of comparing to make a swap like you describe..  the seats and other components should be close to a bolt in..

the dashboard and wiring.. thats another issue..

its probably NOT impossible..  but it will take comparing and identification of the wires to make sure that everything works..

my collection of wiring diagrams covers mostly engine control.. i am going to say. that a subscription to eauto repair dot net for the 86 and the 93 mustang will allow you to print both detailed wiring diagrams and pin outs..  so you can identify what might need to be moved..

perhaps one of the other forum members has performed this .. there might be an article on this type of interior swap in any of the 4 mustang magazines on this site..

study each circuit..  or strip the 93 of its entire harness while photos are taken of where everything goes..

as i recall the 86 computer is either in the right kick panel.. and the 93 is mounted center top of the firewall..  but thats on the engine harness..

expect to spend 3 or 4 hours comparing just the diagrams..

if you have questions.. feel free to ask.. as i know a lot about wiring issues..

please.. pay close attention to the ground connections.. they supply all the electrons to the components.  

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