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1970-71 Torino body and trim

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Posted: 05/01/08 08:17 AM

Down the road, at some point I'd really like to own a 1970-71 fastback Torino, once I've got some money set aside for it. I've always liked the looks of these cars and think they're very underrated, but I was talking to somebody not too long ago and he said that I should look at something else because the unibodies on these cars are very bad for rusting and that trim and body panels are really difficult to find.  My concern is, that if i found a project vehicle, would I be wasting my time if the body wasn't pristine and are there any vendors that could help with body/trim parts?

Any help is really appreciated



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Posted: 05/02/08 08:26 AM

Try finding body or trim parts for a 1967 Falcon.   Cool  If you want an easy parts supply, you'll have to get a Mustang.  IMHO, if it's a little more work the end result is pretty satisfying.  I like the 70-71 Torino/Fairlane look also.  

With any project, you are going to be better off if you buy a vehicle in decent shape.  If it's not a Mustang, Camaro, Chevelle, early Falcon or some such you will have a bit of work finding good sheet metal.  That's just the way it is.  If someone was stamping off 71 Torino fenders in small quantites, you likely couldn't afford one anyway.  And if it was affordable, it might be made so poorly you couldn't use it.

As for rust, all 60s and 70s Fords are going to have a rust problem because of their age.  It just depends on where they have been and how they have been used or stored.  GM and Chrysler stuff is the same way so it's not like Ford have some special problem.  Unibody or frame makes little difference.  If it's been driven where they salt the roads, then parked behind the shed with the windows down it going to become one with the Earth again no matter who made the car.

For parts, check with Autokrafters and ask around on places like 460Ford.com.  460Ford has a lot of big car owners that can help with part location.  

It takes a lot of resolve to see a build through.  With resources like we have now, it's still a hunt for parts but you'll meet a lot of good folks out there in the virtual world that can help you get it done.  So I wouldn't be scared off a build if it was a car I really liked.  
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Posted: 05/02/08 07:58 PM

I agree with Falcon, as usual. If the car turns you on, build one. It doesn't hurt to pay a little more for a good bodied car. If you get lucky, like I did, you can find a car that has a good body and perfect trim. Just take your time when searching.  
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Posted: 05/05/08 06:02 AM

Thanks for your help guys - that has encouraged me!  

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