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A couple questions about my Shaker 500

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Posted: 09/01/11 04:30 PM

Thanks Mark,Since the dealer already knows they are gonna charge me 300 bucks to send it in and fix it, i"ll probably be going to Crutchfield and look over what they have, lol. ..Thanks again for the help, this is a great site, Cal  

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Posted: 10/11/11 01:50 PM

Sorry to do this but I'm new and can't find the place to post my question.  I can't get my Shaker 500 to work at all.  I press CD and place a CD in the load section but nothing happens.  Any idea what is wrong?

Thanks, Fishcop  

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Posted: 10/12/11 06:19 AM

Fishcop, welcome to the forum...

Does your AM/FM portion of your head unit work and it's just the six-disc changer portion that is inop, or do you have nothing going on at the head unit at all? Does it display time or anything? I need a few more details in order to help. Also what year and model?

Mark Houlahan
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