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Drifting as Art

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Posted: 11/24/08 09:22 AM

Every week Ford publishes the "best of the web' - which is mustang content they find created by mustang lovers.

This week, one of the things that made the list was a video of Vaughn Gittin Jr.

It's a video of him creating performance art on the streets - basically drawing with rubber while drifting. What do you think of it?


Also, if you find something you want to make the list, tag it in delicious with "mustangbestoftheweb" and it could end up on their mustang social media website.  
-- z

[I]*I work closely with Ford and have access to a lot of Mustang stuff that I want to share with you! Message me if there is anything you are looking for and can't find zoeSMG[/I]

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Charles Johney
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Posted: 02/14/18 11:56 PM

Street art is overflowing over the globe. In spite of the fact that the term is frequently connected with urban shower paint workmanship, it comes in all shapes and structures, from figures to 'yarn bombarding', and it has motivated everything from spray painting text style families to window shows and past. explanatory videos

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