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Modern power steering in a 1965 on down Fairlane?

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Posted: 12/13/08 12:53 PM

Newbie here and I have been looking at a few 1965 on down Fairlanes here in the Phoenix area.

My question being does anybody have a 'bolt in' power steering conversion for said car? Or would I be better off simply installing a factory linkage assist system and calling it good?

I am past age 50 and 'Armstrong PS' is a young man's game  Smile  

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Posted: 12/17/08 03:18 PM

1624 Chock Rd
Murrayville, IL 62668

217 882 2083


Here at ChockoStang, WE HAVE THE PARTS, and ABILITY to Assemble a Correct, Factory Power Steering Unit for your Vintage Mustang, Fairlane, Comet, Cyclone.

Rebuilt FORD Power Steering Pumps, Bendix Control Valves, Bendix Cylinders, Fo Mo Co Centerlinks, PS Brackets, Mustang Tie Rods, Idler Arms New Control Valves, New Rams, New Power Steering Units, Steering Boxes

ONLY Vintage FORDS!!!  No Brand X, No Pieced together odd and end Pieces, Just Factory Steering.

Just relate to us your needs, Model (Mustang, comet, Falcon, Cougar, Cyclone, etc), Engine Size, we can then help guide and Direct you into a Exact Setup for your Classic.

Every Setup will be 100% Guaranteed, And Will be Show Ready.

If you need just Parts, Write Call, or check out our E-Bay Store


This info may be pertinent:

Convert 1965-1966 Mustang with V8 from Manual Steering to Power Steering:
While there are a few parts that can come from other model Fords, the critical parts must be from the correct year Mustang to work properly. Maintaining proper factory linkage geometry is important for proper operation. Using linkage assemblies from Falcons, Mavericks and Granadas will not work properly, even though it may look similar and physically bolt up.
To do this properly, you will need the following parts new or from a 1965-1966 Mustang V8 equipped donor car:
a) Centerlink with Control Valve Assembly, Drivers Side Inner & Outer Tie Rod Ends and Adjusting Sleeve
b) Hydraulic Power Cylinder, Short Hoses and Bracket & Hardware where cylinder attaches to the frame rail
c) Pump with Pulley, Pump Mounting Bracket with all attaching bolts and hardware
d) Both hoses that run to the pump along with the support bracket & insulator that secures them to the frame rail
e) Double-groove Water Pump Pulley
f) Crankshaft Pulley
g) Two threaded frame inserts to mount frame bracket
Notes and Substitutions:
a) All 1961-1967 Fords used a Control Valve Housing with a 1/4" pressure port. A valve housing from one of these cars may be substituted if the original is not rebuildable. Although much easier to find, use of a post-1967 valve with the 5/16" pressure port is not recommended because it would require a non-original style pressure hose or an adapter, which would cause an original hose not to fit correctly.
b) Power Cylinders from other models may look the same and physically fit in place of the correct cylinder, but they are not usually the correct length at rest or at full extension. This can throw off the leverage of the power actuation and limit linkage travel. The bracket that connects the cylinder rod to the frame is basically the same on all 1965-1970 Mustangs and the early Maverick brackets will work as well.
c) The control valve doesn't care what pump is providing the hydraulic pressure. It is possible to use the pump and mounting brackets from another car in a conversion. A common setup is using the pump and brakets from a 1967-1969 Mustang/Falcon/Fairlane with a 289/302 engine. Just keep in mind that original application pump hoses may no longer correctly fit the pump of be the correct length, and special hoses may need to be made.
d) The power steering pump is powered by the second-from-the-back pulley on the crankshaft and runs over the water pump. A double-groove pulley is required if you do not already have one on your car.
e) Likewise, you may need the donor car crankshaft pulley if your car doesn't have the proper pulley to run the accessories.
f) The frame bracket threaded inserts are not found in Mustangs that did not come with factory power steering, but the holes for them are already there. Since these are not removable from the donor car, you must purchase new ones to install.
g) Always check the alignment of the pump pulley with the other pulleys on the engine. Ford often used different pump pulleys depending on other accessories used on the engine. While these were generally pulleys of a different diameter, some pulleys had different depths and alignments.
h) You could retain the original left-hand power tie rod ends since they are only curved to clear the control valve, but it is best to replace them with the correct manual tie rods to keep the system correct and accurate.
You will not need the following parts in the conversion:
a) Idler Arm or Pitman Arm
b) Steering Box (the steering box is physically the same, only the ratio inside is different. Using a manual steering ratio box in a car with power steering will make the steering effort even easier than a regular power steering and will lessen the sensitivity of the system).
c) Passenger side Inner & Outer Tie Rod Ends and Adjusting Sleeve



This should get you started!

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Posted: 02/03/09 07:22 PM

I just completed the installation of an integral power steering gear in my 1966 Mustang.  I acquired it from ABS Power Brake after reading an article about it in Mustang Monthly.  Its a direct bolt in, costs less, works better than the original, and best of all NO LEAKS.  I installed the same system in my 1967 Ranchero before this which convinced me to do the same to my Mustang.  I have a complete picture show indicating specificily how to install when using the original clutch equalizer Z bar (ABS sells this kit only for automatic trans.).  

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Darren Zbar
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Posted: 05/16/14 06:22 PM

I hope this reaches you TomDot. I just bought the Abs powerbsteering conversion for my 68 mustang with zbar clutch linkage. Any possible chance you can share your photo slide show. ?   I would be most appreciative.  

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