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Got a break this weekend

Posts: 543
Joined: 12/06
Posted: 03/31/09 09:12 AM

I needed a "break" and I got "two", LOL.  the first one happened Saturday at the track but it wasn't the kind you'd like.  Fortunately, it was just while cruising through the pits.  Lucky boy - new tires on the front too.  No damage and a ratchet strap got the car up on the trailer.

Saturday at the track was high 55F, wind NW at 25~35 MPH.  F'n cold.  We had to move the race to Sunday. Sunday was nicer, wind blowing the other way.  Hosed the weekend, up till 1 am trying to update the track web and get the results written up.  

Second Break:  I decided to take a half day off Monday to go hunt some parts.   Nice pick, nice day - mid 80s.  Almost nobody around at the yard.   I've been too buzy to go to the yard over the last year or so and I had forgotten how therapeutic this place can be.   ;D  When I had more to do with the car, I was out here enough that I didn't need to look in their catalog - I had it all in my head.  

FM600 2

First donor - 66 Fairlane
FM600 4
Got two rods here, one slightly tweaked.  It would straighten on a press if necessary.  I wanted at least 4 to have a batch to pick from.  

Donor #2 was a 66 Falcon.  I've picked at this guy over the last few years.  Been in the yard about 6 years I think.  Gave me two good parts this trip.
FM600 5
FM600 6

Repairs can now be made.
FM600 7

Now that business is done, time for some R&R.  Spent about an hour just cruising around.  Need 58 Fairlane parts?  Three on this row, two right next to each other.
FM600 8
Studie - probably been there 20~30 years.
FM600 9

Nash Metro
FM600 10

A personal favorite, probably on the way to the crusher based on the way it was layed out with a block of other cars in a staging area.  Pink Pinto anyone?
FM600 11

Sweet.  Need to come back when I can spend all day.  
FM600 Pan

4 strut rods plus a nice Gen 3 alternator from a 7.5 F150 to match the one I put on the Mustang - $60 in damages.  
1967 Falcon 4 door - 351C
1970 Mustang coupe - 351C
Owner built, owner abused.

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Posts: 86
Joined: 07/06
Posted: 04/01/09 06:26 AM

Sorry about the strut rod and the missed racing.

But great yard! There's nothing close to that here in Central Florida. Its all 80s and newer brand x junkers.  

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Posts: 543
Joined: 12/06
Posted: 04/01/09 09:17 AM

It is a good yard.  The pic is about 1/2, there is a big foreign car section and a whole "hill top" that is all pickups and vans.  Plus there are several large building/sheds with motor piles, transmission piles, racks with alternators, starters, wheels, fans, etc.  Lotsa stuff.  Some cheap, some not.  9" center - $75, nice price.  3G alternator - $35.  Crown Vic rear disks - not cheap, $250.  Used C4 - $200 (can get cores at David's for $75) So you never know.  
1967 Falcon 4 door - 351C
1970 Mustang coupe - 351C
Owner built, owner abused.

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New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/07/12 08:23 AM

Hello i was just qurious where is this yard?  

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Posts: 58
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 11/07/12 08:47 AM

about 10 miles north of abiline texas.  on the west  side of the lake there...

you should see it on goo gle ea rth.  

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New User
Posts: 36
Joined: 03/12
Posted: 11/09/12 07:31 PM


You should try an aftermerket guy. Somone makes some stronger strut rods. Just a thought.I glad it didn't F'up your car.

   My buddie ran a 62Falcon and the crap that happened to him and that car I would say it was going to kill him. He did have (666) on the windows no chit? I wondered. I didn't go this one weekend my car was down. He came back that night the hood had come-up and crushed the windshield, roof and his wallet. The roll cage sayed his ARRZZ....


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