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'67 Mustang Coupe Homework questions

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Posted: 10/16/09 01:08 PM

1967 Mustang Coupe / Salvage Title & VIN
302 / C4 / 8.8"

The current engine and tranny are coming out and being given to a friend so he can teach his boys how to work on engines.

1. I want to put a 5.4L in it and want it mated to a manual transmission that will not require a modification to the floor pan.  Which one (if there is one) is a good one?  

2. In the article a Heidts IFS was used, is that best one out there or is there a better one for this application?  I was looking at RC Motorsports because you can buy their IFS piece-meal, which is more in line with my budget.
2A. What is better for a performance application, a typical aftermarket steel cross member (like on the Heidts & RC Motorsports) or a "K-member"?  Have not come across any information on pro/cons on these.

3. I found an add for the FatMan Fabs tubular front end.  Anyone have any experience with these or general information about that kind of setup?

Any suggestions welcome!

Thanks guys!  
67 Mustang Coupe
302 .040 / C4 / 8.8

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Posted: 03/06/11 07:58 PM

Try Autoworks International. They specialize in custom creations such as yours. They built the car known as the Obsedian sg-1. I am purchasing quite a few things similar for my 67 Fastback project.

Here is the link: http://www.autoworksracing.com/  

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Posted: 03/21/11 12:38 PM

I have a 67 coupe (GTA) that I just finished I used Grab-a-tract ftont end parts they have tublar arms a sway bars ,springs ect I usede them all and did the Shelby trick on drilling for the upper arms put a 4 link rear setup it has a stroked 427 side oiler Genisis block ect. the handling is first rate it is close to as good as my new Shelby.  Can't help directly about the stick (mine is a AOD) but I think the new aftermarket Tremac has ability to move the stick to several different locations on the transmission that might work  

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