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65 Falcon choke assembly

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Posted: 11/10/09 08:12 AM

Just bought my daughter a 65 Falcon and someone tried to rebuild the carb, autolite 1100.  The choke tube assembly is missing and I need to put a new one on.  The assembly is a metal tube that goes from the block to the auto choke.  I'm wondering if anyone has pictures or knows how this tube attaches to the block.  It looks like it just pushes into the hole, if so, how does it stay connected?


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Posted: 11/10/09 03:51 PM

Unless you have a problem with it {originallity] an electric choke would be easy to install....  

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Posted: 11/11/09 08:33 AM

We've thought about an electric choke or even putting in a manual choke like the good ole days.  If I do that I still need to close up the hole in the exhaust manifold.  Ideas?  

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Posted: 11/11/09 12:06 PM

Yes, the hot air choke tube simply presses into the exhaust manifold, but often the old tube is broken off and still inside, requiring a drill to clean out the old metal tube fragments. The tube does not go "into" the exhaust manifold, so no exhaust comes out of the hole. The tube passes through and actually pulls air from the other side of the manifold. The manifold is just there to heat the air as it passes through.

Hot air/water chokes work OK, but yes, an electric choke conversion is even better.

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