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66 mustang seat risers fitment issues Help.......

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Posted: 02/26/10 08:04 PM

I have just installed a passenger side full floor pan and am ready to install a replacement seat riser. My problem is one of fit (go figure, aftermarket parts!). It seems the riser is not as wide as it should be so I will have to spread the ears quite a bit between the tunel and rocker to create a tighter fit. My bigest concern is that although the front edge of the riser is pretty close to level from rocker to tunel the rear edge sinks about an inch down on the rocker corner when it is placed against the floor.Is this supposed to be this way and if not should I raise it off the floor pan and bend the tabs till it's level or does it matter?  

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Posted: 07/02/11 05:24 AM

Well it sounds like maybe the floor isant in correct. Iv used a lot of rissers and havent had a problem. But the most important thing is to have the risser level from side to side. If its off in anyway then you will see it when looking through the rear window that the seats are crooked. It is normal to have a slant twards the back but side to side is the level that will show the worst at the end if it isant correct. Seats need to be level on the top of the backs. Iv seen a lot of seat rissers that was put in wrong and i can see it driving behind the car in traffic. Thats how important it is to level them side to side. If ya have to bend and bang a little to achive this then do it but make sure the seat backs are level. Hope this helps.

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