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Mustang GLX hardtop 5.0 4spd. Rare?

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Posted: 10/11/10 04:09 PM

I have searched for days to find out if there is any information on a 1983 Ford Mustang GLX hardtop 5.0, also with a 4spd. Does anyone know of where to find anything on this? I can find rare glx convertibles all day but no hardtops. I haven't even found anything that says that they made a glx hardtop.  

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Posted: 09/10/11 08:40 AM

I have one, apparently the original owner special ordered it. Blue on blue with HO 5.0, and premium sounds "too funny the radio sounds like a tin can". Early 83 you will get the fourspeed, late year five speed.  Not sure how rare they are, but you're right I've only been able to find convertables.  

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