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Fiberglass body panels

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Posted: 09/15/10 07:25 AM

I am in search of a company/companies that manufacture fiberglass fenders, hood, doors, and trunk for a 67 Galaxie. Crites has several parts for my 67 Fairlane, but not too many for my Galaxie......Thanks in advance Confused  
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Posted: 09/16/10 05:12 AM

Might ask over on http://fordfe.com - lots of Galaxie owners there.  
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Posted: 09/16/10 06:01 PM

thats the kind of thing....   where you want to strip off the trim parts... pull the doors..... leaving the fenders firmly attached and properly adjusted...

take the car to a fiberglass manufacturer to pull molds from your fenders....

i would bet there are a few articles on doing that in one of the many many magazines....

you might want to change the upper fender mounting bolts...  to allen cap screws one at a time... so the fender does not move... you might want to have a metal fab shop create you some rectangular washers to go under these allen bolts .. so the upper fender lip is thicker on the mold when you pull the first one...  you could also do it in plastic... this will make it stronger on top where you mount it and where you are going to need to lean over the fenders once in a while to work on the engine...  

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