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64-66 Mustang grill is awkward

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Posted: 12/26/10 12:15 PM

I love the front end design of the 64-66 Mustang. But there is something about it that is awkward, kind of like the designers just GAVE UP on one detail. I'm talking about the area that runs from side to side just above the bumper. It's recessed in all the way, but there's no "transition" from that recess to either the headlights or the grill opening itself. Almost as if the front end comes in two separate halves -- the grill/headlight half and the bumper-and-below half, and no one tried to figure a way to harmonize them. BTW, I think the grill opening and the bodywork that immediately surrounds it look fantastic, and any modification on the front really ought to preserve those lines.

Has anyone ever seen a customized 64-66 Mustang that has all those front end design details professionally figured out without destroying the good parts of what the front end looks like? Close-up pictures would be nice, if possible.  

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