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69 Roof side rail

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Posted: 02/25/11 10:43 AM

1969 Mach 1, I am just about to install the roof side rail moulding back on the car. This is the moulding that holds the upper weatherstrip and two small bumper clips that the door window seal against. Originally, there was a foam strip between the stainless moulding and the body. The foam is rotten and I have cleaned that off. What should I put on the moulding to replace the foam? Laugh  

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Posted: 07/02/11 05:07 AM

Hello! Well iv done this many times and found many things that work. But # 1 thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be sealed. Rain will find its way. Now i dont like the foam idea at all as it holds water so iv used a few things to combat this problem. Some may disagree with some of my ideas but iv been doing this too long to be guessing. (28 years exp. classic mustangs only) www.palmbeachmustangs.com Anyway Iv got into the mode of using windsheld ribon. You can get it at any auto part store. I take it and roll it out and kinda like spreading clay i make it thin and wide and place it on the crome and then install. Why i use this? well #1 its water proff. #2 its plyibile. #3 its easy to clean off any that ooses out. #4 it doesnot harden so it will be removeibile if needed. Cant see it anyway so why be orig. about it? It works better seals it and I belive its better then orig. I belive if you can improve something without taking away from looks then i do it. This is what we do here at palm beach mustangs and hope this helps you.  Good luck with your ride.  

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