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efi swap

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Posted: 04/03/11 11:54 AM

Hey guys. New to the site and enjoying it so far. Wanna bounce a question off any of yall that can help. I have a 1972 F100 Custom with the 360, auto (non overdrive), air, and PS. Decent, low mile motor, horrible MPGs. I have access to a 94 F150 with the 5.0 EFI (w/MAF) and the electric overdrive trans. It s wrecked, but low mileage and a great motor. Oh, and almost free, my favorite price. I would like to do the drivetrain swap into the 72. All kinds of resources for this with a 87-93 mustang motor, very little about the 94 truck motor. Just wondering about a stand alone harness for the motor, or good instructions on modifyiing the factory harness to work. Also, what will the electronics on the trans require. I m fairly positive everything is controlled by the eec, but am sure it requires more wiring connections or another adapter harness. Hope someone out there can help. if u can it will be greatly appreciated.  

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Posted: 04/04/11 10:06 AM

Replied to your post under the engine section...

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