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Retro mini tach

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Posted: 04/11/11 12:39 PM

I bought the retro mini tach for my 68 fastback.  


i also bought the tach adaptor (MSD-8910) that was mention for electronic ignition.

i follow the directions and connected it , it works for a second or two and then it goes to zero and it doesnt work until i turn of the car and again it does the same thing.  any suggestions??????

302/347 stroker
painless wiring
MSD distributor
MSD blaster 2  

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Posted: 04/12/11 09:43 PM

thats neat...

followed instructions to hook it up.???

does that include hooking the terminal marked 12. volts switched to the accessory switched power.. not the ign 1 power.. as that probably feeds the MSD also.. and might have enough voltage drop do to the load of the MSD that it shuts down...

if you have hooked it to the coil positive on the MSD side of the circuit.. you might have too much voltage feeding it...

and the last question...   where did you ground it to?????   the cluster??...    run a direct hard ground wire with a ring terminal on the end under a bolt on the steel part of the dash board or firewall..

i would like you to be really careful...   test the voltage on the power supply wire into the mini tach..    work the key slowly through the various positions...   do you get power in the RUN position...  if so how much...

i warn you as the msd can put out 400 volts into the positive side of the coil...  as i recall..

i had a friend .. many many years ago... try to shut off a hot rod vega with the starter wiring buggered up so the car would not shut off...  it had a 7A unit...    while the owner and i were talking about how to shut it off without fouling the plugs...  like that would be a problem for the 7A....   another friend reached in an said i will pull the coil wire...  the coil wire was firmly attached to the coil....  it came off at the cap..   lit up his hand in blue sheets of voltage like michael jackson's glove. all the way to the wrist.. ..  as much prodding as we could do..  he would not show us how it did that again..

why am i asking you to wire it different..  it might be the problem...

how is the tach adaptor wired????  

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Posted: 04/16/11 12:55 PM

i connected the ground cable to a post behind the gauge cluster by itself.  the ignition wire was connected to the red wire from the wiring to power the MSD box(small red wire) and connected the other cable to the signal from the tach to the tach out post from the MSD box  

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