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original color or new candy paint

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Posted: 05/06/11 06:31 PM

I've had this mustang for a while now and my paint is peeling so its time to get paint job done . I woud like some one else opinion on what would be better lookin a candy cherry color or the original color gold brown color  

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Posted: 05/08/11 12:54 AM

candy paint jobs cost thousands upon thousands to do..

there are about 40 car magazines on this site...  there are about a dozen or so articles on doing candy paint jobs..

you will have to search through this list.. there are a few on the first page.. water borne candy paints..


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Posted: 07/02/11 04:54 AM

Depends on how much you want to spend? Paint cost is out of controll. I spend apx. 2000 on just materials. Some times more. Sure you can get a paint system that cost $350 but thats what you have now. So first you have to decide how much are you willing to spend. Iv painted atleast 1000 or more mustangs and well it all depends on cash. Just to give you an example i charge apx. starting at $7500 to paint a stang that has no rust and is already taken apart. But we do top notch stuff. Pluss the price goes up with new findings like rust/parts ect. Man that sounds like a lot but it takes forever to do something great. Iv got 28 yrs. exp. on working on classic stangs for a living so iv been through a few. WWW.palmbeachmustangs.com Hope it all works out and have a great resto.  

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