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1969 ford torino front brake interchange

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Posted: 06/10/11 02:16 AM

i have a 1969 ford torino gt fastback, would like to convert the front brakes to disc, i have been looking at the ssbc a132m through summit, but was wondering what other fords could i get the disc brake stuff off of from a junk yard, and what possible modifications i may have to make to make it fit, any help is appreciated. thank you  

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Posted: 06/13/11 09:01 AM

The 69-70 Torino is the same as the Falcon/Fairlane platform, so any of the "Granada" type stock disk swaps will work.  Donors can include 1974-1977 Maverick/Comet and 1975-1980 Granada or Mercury Monarch.  You will need to use outer tie rod ends from the donor vehicle and may have to use a different inner tie rod or cut threads depending on the threaded length of the parts.  The ball joint taper and suspension construction is common on these vehicles which allows the spindles to interchange.  You'll also need to re-route brake lines at the outside of the frame since the disk caliper hoses come back to the car from a different angle than the drum cylinders.  
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