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Front Disc Power Disc Brake Swap Labor Cost?

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Posted: 12/03/11 10:12 AM

I have a '66 mustang with a '88 5.0 HO swap, I'm looking to do the 'typical' power disc brakes swap on the front.  I see lots of complete kits for around $1k.  I'm tempted to do this myself, but the likely hood is that I'll take it to a shop because I'm lacking a solid setup at home.  What can I expect to pay for this? Existing is the stock manual drums.  I definitely want to go with the power setup vs the manual as I'll be using this as my daily driver starting in the summer.  Is this a one day job?

On a side note, I have 14 inch rally wheels now, If I want to go up to 17 soon...will this be any problem?  

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Posted: 12/03/11 09:11 PM

how much...

here is a 13 minute video on just the suspension work...


there are several articles spread out through the various magazines and the 4 mustang  / ford specific magazines..  

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