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1966 mustang coupe aftermarket front suspension

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Posted: 12/07/11 09:23 PM

Im wondering if anyones installed the Fatman Fabrications front IFS conversion kit for the 64-66 mustang and how well it performs/installs? Im considering it because it allows spindles and suspension from 94-04 mustangs and 79-93 mustang shocks and allows for optional power steering which is quite impressive for a bolt in kit  

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Posted: 01/08/12 10:51 AM

I am considering using the Fatman Fab system on my 64 Fairlane.  In the Jan 12 issue of MMF there is a tech question about bumpsteer and power rack pressure problems from "Russ". I'd like to know if Russ is using the FMF system on his car.  

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