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Posted: 04/04/12 03:57 PM


I saw this advertisement in a mustang magazine but cant find and/or remember which one.  Anyway, I've been trying to get an original tach for my 68 fastback on eBay for yrs but not willing to dish out 600-1000 bucks and to find out it doesn't work. Has anyone purchase this tach?  if so, do you recommend buying.  is it easy to instal?  honestly its expensive and any autometer gauges are a lot cheaper.  any suggestions???  

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Posted: 04/11/12 02:40 PM

look on youtube for autorestomod or go to autorestomod com and look for the install video of that tach. very good product waiting for the price to come down myself, but I agree it is cheaper than a stock one that may not work.  

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