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16" wheel fitment question

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Posted: 05/04/12 10:49 AM

Will the 16" wheel from a new Mustang fit on a 66 Mustang? I realize it will probably require spacers to correct the back spacing. These wheel are very inexpensive on craigs list and would help with the build budget.


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Posted: 05/04/12 05:12 PM

i won't think that you are going to find they fit properly..

you have LOTS of options for wheels...  

a warning.. about late model wheels...  they are ALL STAMPED with a complete VIN number..  the DOT numbers on the tires are individual... so they are traceable back to the car they were installed on at the factory or most tire stores...

there are a lot of warm parts on ***

the spacers to make these late mustang wheels fit your early car might be 3 or 4 inches thick.. if i am thinking of the wheel you are..

if your mustang is a 5 bolt lug pattern.. and you want to try out some 16 or even 17 inch rims..

crown victorias up through 1999 or so.. have close to the proper offset..   i don't know if you will get them on your mustang.. but that would give you a cheep easily found steel wheel.. for your stang..

the Newer Crown victorias used more positive offset..  that won't even be close...


this looks like a reproduction rim that has gone wrong.. as there is no raised area around the lug nut opening for the tapered seat to push the wheel against the hub face..  these are 16x7"

think taxi cabs..    i had a set of these for my ranchero... somebody made off with two and i loaned the other two to a friend with a ranger pickup for the 16 inch tires he came across.. so i am stuck with steel dog dish hub caps for now also...  

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