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66 comet restomod.

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Posted: 04/12/12 02:56 PM

just got this car and am needing to know which model it is. im sure it would help if i had a picture on here but not sure how. mine has a horizontal badge on the front fenders, holes on the rear quarters for badges. only says comet between the tail lights and has a V8 emblem in what is left of the grill.  

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Posted: 04/12/12 07:27 PM

google         mercury comet vin decoder

thats a great place to start..

you can post pictures to photobucket    its free  then post the 4th link down here..  

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Posted: 04/19/12 07:10 AM

Also if you have a big block 390 that will help also as the badges changed on all those low hp and HIPO engines....I had a 1965 K code Mercury Cyclone what a fast car that was...My dad and his brother had 1964 Mercury Caliente with a Cammer engine in it....Their toy as they said...It ran AA/G and could have run A/FX if they had funding? Good luck in your search those are very nice cars...


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