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Unibody Restoration Starting point Question

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Posted: 04/21/12 11:03 PM

Guys I am new here to the forums and definately new to the fabrication aspect of restoring my mustang.  I own a '67 Coupe 6 banger with the three speed automatic.  I have owned the car since 1989 and it was my first car.  It is very sentimental to me so I need to get serious about the getting the foundation correct before i really get into it.  I would like to put a Fox Body 5.0 and T-5 into the car but I don't know where to start with the frame rails and subsequent engine bay panels.  I am currently in korea in th Air Force and have been doing alot of research on how to repair the car but I don't know how to get a reference point for the parts as I begin to repair the car.  I know I need seat risers and I believe all the engine compartment panels will need to be replaced.  What do I use as refernce point to ensure the frame rails are the right length and height?  Is there any pre-fabbed jig that I could mount the car to and build to fit the jig?  I have the frame specs printed out but how do you even start to attack this?  I have another 7 months to research and develop the plan but I would like to try this myself.  I figure if I pay someone to do it it will cost as much as a new Dynacorn fast back.  I love the fast back and the only reason I am looking at working this coupe over is my history with it.  Not many fellas can say they have their first car.  Any advice would be extremly appreciated.  Pat  

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Posted: 04/22/12 07:06 AM

there are a bunch of articles that cover the front frame rails and the floor pans and torque box replacements..  there are also 4 mustang magazines on this site..  and a bunch of other magazines also..   each one has a tech section.. and tons of articles in the archives..

starting a structural parts replacement.. really requires a truly level floor..  room to work..  probably a laser level.

its build your own support structure time..  

here in LA they show old episodes of dream car garage.. season 7 episode 2 showed a 68 shelby KR frame rails, torque boxes and floor pan sheet metal replacement.

there are other sources of info on this also.. and it did not show everything it was just a 7 or 8 minute segment on it..  

one more thing...   you will want to measure EVERYTHING..      take several photographs of the engine bay from different angles... including standing on a ladder over the front bumper..  print the images  several copies..  full page...  you can do it on conventional paper..  does not need to be glossy...    you can now take various measurements around the engine bay and mark them on your print.. then scan it. so its saved..   then you can if you want.. put the numbers with the computer over your image.. so you have a digital copy and then print one.. for the garage wall. as a reference..     you can compare them to your chassis diagram..    most of which are from the bottom view on the car..  so you might need a plumb bob...

click on my user name for some links to the other magazines..  

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Posted: 04/22/12 08:48 PM

Try these guys for info..

www.cartechbooks.com see what they have in the area of fabrication...If your looking for a strong foundation install frame connectors as you get to that area of your restoration..That relly helps strengthen the unibody..
Good Luck


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