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2011-12 Mustang guts in a 67 conv.

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Posted: 07/09/12 09:43 AM

Hello All,
I am still going back and forth on what kind of engine to drop in my car, but have come across a good opportunity to by a wrecked 2011 V6 mustang. I am solely interested in the interior;particularly the dash. This mustang was equipped with the 202a package and even has the in dash touchscreen (it's got all the bells and whistles).An the price I would be getting it is unbelievable.  If things work out, this would drive me to put a not so stock coyote in it.

My question is whether the electronics would work going from a V6 to a 5.0. I know that I would have to use a 5.0 CPU, but would everything just hook up and work? kinda like the v6 to v8 swaps in the old days (90s - 2004s)lol.

Does anyone know?  

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Posted: 07/10/12 07:16 AM

When you eventually go with the Coyote you can wire that separately with the Ford Racing control pack wiring kit, so there's really no integration with the stock wiring (vintage or from the '11 if you go that route). There will be a lot of wiring for the interior swap, but if you purchase the HELM Inc. EVTM (electrical and vacuum troubleshooting manual) for the '11 it will show you were everything is located, wiring connector shapes and pinouts, and more. Making the project doable.

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