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Hanks 1961 T-Bird

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Posted: 08/10/12 07:51 PM

With all due respect I would like to put credit for this T-Bird, where it is deserved....which has not been done.
 My son and I bought this car when we found it parked alongside the road with 4 flat tires and totally stock. It became a 5 1/2 year project and which finally envolved into the red, tubbed "pro street" car which I sold to Hank Binder at a custom car show in Henderson, Nevada.
 All ideas for the design of the car, engine (now changed) and engine compartment, Built C-6 with 2000 stall converter,drivetrain, chassis work including narrowing of the rearend, shortened 31 spline axels, chassis component powder coating, disc brakes, Line-lock, Convo-pro wheels, MT tires, exhaust, chroming and stainless trim polishing, design and flaring of rear wheel wells in steel, was done by my son Tommy and I.  
 Sub-frame, tubbing and narrowing of gas tank done by Charlie Treadwell, now deceased.
 Then a ton of credit has to go to the talented and hard working inmates at the Indian Springs Correctional Institution in Nevada for their meticulous body work, painting and interior work. They spent days longboarding the large panels of the big car.They put their hearts, talent and sweat into the T-Bird and it shows.
 Hank made changes to the car. Blower motor, chopped out the hood, exhaust? and added red to the gray upholstery.
 I may have missed somethings that he "changed" but except for the engine sticking out of the hood, the car looked exactly like this when I sold it to him.  If you have seen the article, you will see that he has not given even a mention of credit where it was due, thus....in my opinion, taking credit for himself, asside from a brief mention that he started out with " a decent example," which was decent enough to pay $25,000.00 for.  
 Nothing against Hank, but this needed to be said. If there are any doubters out there, I have many photos of the build.
 Thanks for your time....Tom Snow, formally from Henderson, NV  

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