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Posted: 09/27/12 02:49 PM

I have a 1966 Ford Mustang and the headllights will not come on,  all other lights seam to be working. What could be the problem with the headlights? If anyone knows please let me know.  

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Posted: 09/27/12 04:55 PM

do you have a circuit tester....   test light???? check for power on the center wire of the dimmer switch on the floor...   while the headlight switch is pulled out to the second position...

if you have power on the center wire of the 3...  try either end..  you should have power at either end...  click the dimmer switch.. the power will be at the other end...

circuit 15 red and yellow from the headlight switch to the dimmer switch..
circuit 12 or 13 to either the high or low beams

don't forget the headlights have to be grounded to work.. or they won't get enough electrons to shine brightly.. circuit 57 ...

circuit 25 is power into the headlight switch...


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Posted: 09/27/12 06:54 PM

Each one of those circuts are seperate. Not like the later Mustangs when the headlights, and parking lights came on together. I believe FoMoCo started that set-up in 1968 with the Ford Galaxie's.

Those circuts are easy to follow, and Wayne has as always a nice schematic.  

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