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63 fairlane brakes

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/13/12 12:30 AM

Just bought a 63 fairlane , has anyone out there converted them to discs? I heard I can use spindles from a granada? any help would be appreciated.  

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Posts: 58
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 10/13/12 10:07 AM

there is one do it your self option...

this leaves you without any suspension issues..

i am actually thinking about this for my 70 ranchero.. but i so vary seldom drive it very far..  

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New User
Posts: 36
Joined: 03/12
Posted: 10/19/12 07:11 PM

Matty450 Welcome aboard:

This is a thought and it may seem far out to you. But try a junk yard and see what inter changes with your car. If you find that a full sized Ford brake parts fit your application, get all the parts you can. Espescially the spindles,that in itself would give you a lot bigger rotor. My son was building a Mustang and he found that some of the parts he needed fit from a Versialles, Thunderbird,anyway that's what I would do. Usually you get make a deal with these guys too. Give it a try what the heck.


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New User
Posts: 36
Joined: 03/12
Posted: 10/23/12 09:46 PM


I was reading an article in Hemmings Muscle Machines just today. The guy that answers the tech questions, (Ray)actually had some write in with wanting to know what he has to do to retrofit the brake system on his 68 Dodge Charger.
  I don't know why someone didn't have them installed then, unless the camshaft was so big in those 440 6 packs that MoPar didn't have provisions on a way to keep a vacuum. The early 1960's Corvettes had disc brakes, but NO POWER assist. They took more pedal pressure to stop, but they stopped.

  Anyway the point he told this person, not to replace the drum brakes they were meant to stop the car and not to do anything to undo that...LOL...I had a 1966 ChevyII that before I found a setup for disc brakes was a hand full. When my car was running 9'secs 144MPH. There were plenty of short tracks then...LOL...


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