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70 Restoration

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Posted: 01/23/13 07:51 AM

Hey guys, dont know if im in right area but heres my question im doing a 70 resto i need to replace the enitire floor pan along with front/rear frame rails, floor supports, front aprons and torque boxes, its alot of work but i dont mind my question is what should be the starting ponit should the floor be first to replace or the frame rails any help would be greatly appreiciated  

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Posted: 01/23/13 07:13 PM

at what point in replacing parts does it become more cost effective to call dynacorn and say send me a finished tub..  and yes.. i understand about doing it your self..

you cannot move the VIN number to the NEW SHELL as that is VIN tampering and thats a federal crime..

be sure to do a LOT of measuring before you take it apart..   you will also want to pick up a chassis or frame dimension chart for that model..   establish where each part is before you remove it to know if its in the wrong spot currently... so when you put it back together... it will be straighter..

there are several articles in the 4 ford magazines here...  and a few more spread out in the almost 40 magazines.. plus several in the forums...  

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Posted: 02/05/13 11:11 AM

try www.cartechbooks.com for Ford Rest tips. Like Wayne said don't fool with that Vin.#....


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