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1968 F100 Ranger...5.0 5 speed info wanted

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Posted: 06/16/13 01:16 PM

I'm a newbe, found the site doing a search for ford truck forums and thought i'd give it a shot.  I have a 1968 Ford F100 Ranger, bought it as a project a couple years ago, had the 390/3 speed in it, drove it around for a while then decided I wanted to do some changing.  Upgraded to front disc brakes then decided I wanted to go to a 302/5 speed, sold the 390/3speed, found a deal in a 1991 5.0 with GT 40 heads, E303 cam, Edlebrock troker II intake, Holley 650, Mallory unilite distributor, shorty headers, 1.6 roller rockers and pulleys.  After a lot of research I found that the 5 speed tranny/bellhousing from a 1998 3.8 Mustang was a direct bolt on for the 5.0, had to mismatch some compnents such as the flywheel to have the correct imabalnce, the 3.8 pilot bearing and clutch was good to go.

Long story short, I finally have everything in the truck, had the exhaust reattached and so on.  Couple of things i'm puzzled about and was hoping for input...

1.  Does the waterpump need to turn clockwise or counter clockwise?  I did keep the serpentine belt set up, had a plate made to intall an idler pulley in place of the power steering pump.

2.  I had to remove the baffles from inside the valve covers because the rockers was hitting them.  I bought a breather cap, popped a hole in top of it and added a grommet and a pcv valve that I have attached to the large port in the bottom of the carb.  Whats the best to have on the other valve cover, a breather or a solid oil fill cap?

3.  I have a long bed truck that originally had the 2 driveshafts. with the 5 speed being longer, is it better to shorten the front shaft or have the rear shaft extended?

4.  I hooked up 2 10 inch electric fans......shouldnt that be sufficient for cooling?

Any and all input appreciated  

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