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Best suspension Setup for a 1967 Fastback

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Posted: 06/13/13 12:56 PM

Im new to the fórum and would appreciate your help and info.

Im planning on upgrading the suspensión on my car and wanted to know if you guys have any ireal life infor on which suspension works better for a 1967 mustang fastback?

Are there any official results that could determine what suspension provider provides the best product for a 1967 Mustang ???

Its really difficult to decide between several brands when they all claim that their compoany fmanufactures “The Best” product in the market.

Ive been looking at the following components..any advice???

a) Global West
b) TCP
e) Street of Track

Thanks in advance for all your help.

The car is a 650whp, Blown 347 small block with a TKO600 and 6/4 piston wilwood brakes (Front/Back)that is mainly used in the Street, autocross, racing and some drag.  
67 Fastback

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New User
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Posted: 12/13/13 08:09 AM

global west does make some pretty nice stuff. with that much power have you considered some cal-trac bars out back?  

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Hugo Sanchez
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Posted: 12/17/13 06:04 PM

Rod and customs best  suspencion I ever  used. Check them out,  

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Posted: 12/22/13 02:14 PM

Rod and customs    Mustang 2  

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