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Duraspark II Ignition Kit

New User
Posts: 37
Joined: 09/09
Posted: 03/06/13 02:17 PM

I have been looking to buy a Duraspark II Ignition Kit for my 1966 inline 6 cyl.
I have found one place but having problems ordering due to my Army Post Office (APO) address, and have sent email but after a week , no responce.  Can any one point me to a web site that sells this (Duraspark II Ignition as a Kit)? I have found Duraspark web sites but they do not sell the Duraspark II Ignition as a Kit but as individual items and are Duraspark not duraspark II.

Thanks for any help

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Posts: 58
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 03/06/13 06:54 PM

why not go to some thing that can be installed in 10 minutes like a pertronix ignitor..

as i recall.. the duraspark one and duraspark II use just a few different components..

the duraspark 1  uses a cap that has PUSH IN TERMINALS..  

the duraspark II uses a cap adaptor, a large diameter cap and has towers that use push ON terminals..  the duraspark 2 also uses an ignition module with a blue grommet... instead of a black.. green or red grommet..

there are a bunch of different ways to do this... usually including assembling a bunch of various parts... splicing some wires...  mounting some components..  

i have even installed these duraspark distributers with a 4 PIN HEI module on a heat sink...

there is another trick to to melt out the potting in a duraspark module..   splicing the duraspark wires that are still in the grommet to the HEI module thats mounted to the inside of the module top as a heat sink..

you will also want to change the coil to a duraspark round type coil or the E core coil...

there are 4 ford and mustang magazines on this site..   and about 40 car and truck magazines altogether..  there are duraspark articles all over..

who can ship the components to an APO? that i don't know..  

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