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I have a 1956 ford convertable

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Posted: 08/27/13 02:34 PM

I have a 1956 ford convertable and would like to change the steering colum to tilt.
So far I have put a 302 withan aod  and 350 9in rear end and disc brakes.
Any suggestions on what kind of a column I can find and install it with column shift?  

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Posted: 12/13/13 08:58 AM

lincoln mark 5, or are you wanting a 3-in the tree, tilt column? im afraid youll have to make your own bud.  

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Posted: 12/14/13 01:00 AM

73 to 75 Chevy /GMC van..

is my best guess what this is..
133072 Interior Web

there are a bunch of different lengths.. different shift patterns...

different qualities..

some a very few years back  had a garbage steering shaft coupling.. where the original saginaw was almost bullet proof.. the knock off unit left a lot of people without steering control  just a free spinning steering wheel is not the effect you were looking for..

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i think that there might be an article on this over in one of the streetrodder magazines..


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Posted: 11/06/17 01:22 AM

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