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1969 boss body questions

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Posted: 09/13/13 03:30 AM

I'm looking at a 69 302 boss for sale.  No spoiler, no boss striping, auto tranny. Yet there is no scoop on rear quarter. Lady wants me to drive 300 miles to see car before I can see the VIN.  What is the probability this is really a factory boss?  

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Amie Williams
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Posted: 09/13/13 12:46 PM

The '69 Boss 302 did not have the rear quarter panel scoops. I would definitely get the VIN before driving that far to see it.  

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Posted: 09/16/13 07:38 AM

There is no such thing as a Boss 302 with an automatic. Rear scoops can easily be filled in. It is remotely possible someone put an automatic in a Boss car, but I highly doubt it. Remember, if it is too good to be true, it most likely is. Run away, as fast as you can...

Mark Houlahan
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Posted: 09/30/13 02:17 PM

Mark Houlahan spells it all out for you. I'll just ad the little I remember....
My(Kid brother) had a 1970 Boss and I went with him when he ordered it. I have a 1969 Tech manual and there is nothing that talks of an automatic! The Boss was one Hot street car. I had a 1964.5 K Code convertible. That was one fast muscle car. The 271 Rating back in the day. The guy I bought it from sent it to Tasca Ford in Rhode Island. He had a bunch of things done to it.  FOMOCO and GM, and Chrysler all underrated their engines for insurance purposes.
  The Boss had only a few different packages for looking Nasty. When he got this Boss I really didn't think he would have it very long. Like I said My 271/289 was one potent little engine, that 302 was just as nasty.
  Anyway if there are NO MARKINGS on this Boss I would stay away from it, like it was smoking hot.
  My son worked for a guy that bought a 1967 Z28 sight unseen. He purchased it from a Capt. of a Police Dept. 120 miles away. I only knew him because my son worked for him in his body shop. I asked him if he was going to check it out. I suggested that I would go with him. I asked him twice. I said @#$% him.
  A very long story short. When he brought the car home on his flat-bed he called me and wanted me to look at it. Holy CHIT this was a POS. He didn't tell me how much he paid for it, but my son heard $28,000 then $31,000. I went there with all my reference books. It was far from a Z28. He called the guy and told him he wanted his money back. (Remember this guy was a Police Captain). Apparently on the bill of sale he sold him the car for $12,000. He did this for sales tax in the great state of TAXACHUSITS. The Capt. said sure I'll give you your $12,000 back. So the guy was stuck with a car that was a plain Jane Camaro. It had a 10 bolt rear not an F-41 suspension, a junk yard 350 engine. The gauges were all wrong in the dash. BLAH,BLAH,BLAH...
  I'm sure you got the picture. It goes back to that old saying, BUYER BEWARE. Grin  Cool  Don't put out any money until your sure its a 1969 Boss 302. Sure the guy could have removed all the stripes and louvered rear window, and the spoiler, but think why would he do that?



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