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Thinking about swapping out the efi 300-6 for a carbeurated 302.

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Posted: 06/04/13 01:47 PM

My '96 F-150 has a efi 300 straight 6 4.9 litre. I'm wanting to put a carbed 302 from a junkyard in it, but i don't know if that would work with my gauges and whatnot. It should bolt right up to my E4OD transmission. I'm in high school so my resources are limited, but i would like to do it if it's possible. The engine would be from an early-mid 80's f-150.  

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Posted: 06/06/13 03:51 AM

your 96 300 6 has more horse power and torque than the stock 302...    i have a friend with a 96 E250.. he turned 400,000 miles... about 40,000 miles ago..  its only shy of displacement by 2 cubic inches.. thats about 2 ice cubes.

this is not going to be an easy swap if you want to keep the E4OD...

if you swapped a 302 with a C6 behind it.. it could be done..  a longer drive shaft would need to be made.. as the 302 is going to mount farther forward.. ..

will the gauges work.. yea. probably.. but the transmission won't shift..  its controlled by the computer..  and it needs all the info from the engine to calculate shift points...

a stand alone shift computer is available..  but its probably about 1800 bucks..

it did take a lot of work to keep the 300 running that far..

if it runs bad.. i should be able to advise you on how to fix it..

you will need at least an OBD2 scan tool...  the HF version # 98614 is 130 bucks and will do most of what is ever needed..

at about 330,000 miles.. the cam sprocket will probably fail...

you will need exhaust manifolds before that...  thats the one thing the van needs again..  i am thinking about having some tube headers created... as i am tired of replacing the cracked exhaust manifolds.. cracked exhaust manifolds will really effect the running of the engine.. as will crazy stuff like the air injection system.. it has to work perfectly.. and correctly..  

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