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Retirement project

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Posted: 01/08/14 11:17 AM

I recently retired and in the planning stages of a project to build a "new" 1967 Mustang 2+2 starting with a new body, drive train, suspension, well new everything.  This car will be a daily driver and will be on par with a BMW M3 in terms of comfort, handling, acceleration, etc.  The car will be used for both short and long trips.
I saw a 67 Mustang GTA with a 289ci sell for at least $58,000 on the Mecum Auto Auction tv show.  So I am using $50,000 - $60,000 as a budget target.  I will be doing as much of the work as possible.

So far what I have in mind is:

New body
Independent Rear Suspension
Mustang II front suspension with rack and pinion steering.  Are there any other alternatives for a modern front suspension available for this car?
4 wheel disc brakes (ABS?)
Air conditioning
5 or preferably 6 speed transmission
Small block Ford V8 putting out at least 300 bhb with 21th century Electronic fuel injection and engine management systems.  I am not religious on using a small block if there are other options.  

The goal is to have a reliable, fast, quick, and great handling car that has the lowest NVH, noise, vibration, and harshness, possible.  It will have a 22 gallon or larger gas tank for the range.  It will have a comfortable and quiet interior that has a full gauge package and a 21th Century stereo and electronics.

When I was 18 I had a 1967 with a 289 and three speed on floor.  I loved it but it was harsh, loud, etc.

Is anyone here working on a similar project?
Any constructive suggestions, insight, information is welcome.    


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Posted: 01/08/14 12:35 PM

how about the 2012-13 v-6 and trans? score at the bone yard, low miles, lots of gears, light, fuel injected, serpentine driven modern accessories, distributor less ignition. makes over 300 sae NOT net horses. you can always add a blower or nitrous if you want more power. would you consider the 2013-14 boss 302 rear suspension? the fancy car magazines worship at its feat for its VERY good handling!! maybe global west or rod and custom front suspension. have fun, and a great day!! Grin  

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Posted: 01/09/14 01:52 PM

Unfortunately the 3.7L V-6 is not supported by any aftermarket EFI wiring kits, so you're on your own to get it to work--big hassle.

I would highly recommend the very popular '11-'14 Mustang GT "Coyote" 5.0L V-8. 400-plus hp with great street manners, driveability, low NVH, etc. Ford Racing offers a wiring kit for it. Mount the PCM and harness and hook up six wires.

For the body, stitch weld all chassis seams, add sub-frame connectors/bracing and lots of insulation like the Quiet Ride Solutions master kit. For interior the sky is the limit. Custom dash to house modern gauges and audio/nav, aftermarket high-back performance seating, etc.

Take a look at our Generation Gap project (under project car and technical article tabs), as it is something similar, though with the previous 3.6L Three-Valve engine.

Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager
Mustang Monthly Magazine

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Posted: 01/09/14 09:09 PM

i was thinking he could by a low milage wrecked car and TRANSPLANT a whole bunch of stuff. this would be pretty cheap and effective in the long run.  

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