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5 or 6 speed

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Posted: 01/14/14 01:53 AM

I would like to fit a 5 or 6 speed auto in my 70  strang what trany would fit and if so will it fit with out doing mods to the tunnel

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Posted: 01/14/14 10:25 AM

which engine are you planning on running.. you have to have something that will bolt up to the back of yours...

there should be enough room for a C6 in the tunnel. so you should be able to drop in an overdrive 4 speed... AOD... or the computer shifted AODE/4R70W

i personally have qualms about using the 5R55E and 6Rxx versions.. as these are the step children of the A4ld which is the child of the C3 pinto 1600CC transmission..

there are a few versions.. that use fuzzy logic to shift them.. that don't seem to have controllers available yet..

you also have the option of going to one of the GM overdrives with the bolt on bell housings... will they fit without tunnel mods????? probably not.. i have not tried.

take a look at one of the transmission shift controller suppliers.


there maybe something else in the magazines.. i have not read every article in the dozens of magazines on this site...

if you spotted something.. post the article name.. i will have a look at it..  

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