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ford 302 &C4, To keep or not to keep that is the question,,,,,,,

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Posted: 12/07/13 07:32 AM

Hello all. Favorite mag but first time forum poster so please direct me if I am making a mistake posting here. I tried to read all the rules till my eyes crossed.

In short I recently pulled my running and driving 302 2bbl and C4 from my 1969 Mustang convertible so that I could start getting the cars body ready for rust repair, modifications, sandblasting etc. The engine and tranny will be replaced by a coyote and T-6 so I will not need the originals anymore. They are both original to the car and numbered as 68's. the engine is even the original vin'd block. unfortunately there are not enough good factory options to make the car worth a strait up restore. I have placed the engine and tranny on craigslist for $500 or best offer for both together, then $400 OBO for both together..... with no real solid responses. Obviously any money I get from them can go into the new ride but no takers. I would almost rather give them to some one who would use them on their project but I don't know what to do now. should i just scrap them? or is there another option that i am overlooking. i though about having it rebuilt then selling them but i don't want to get stuck with any extra funds in them and still be stuck with them. Any help you guy could provide would be invaluable and greatly appreciated.


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