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1988 Ford Thunderbird V/8 Factory-[ issue!

Don D 55
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Posted: 02/14/15 02:55 PM

I just purchase another Tbird !
Its the factory version V/8--AOD
Digital dash etc:
The engine was swapped out for a 89 mustang Gt fuel injected Motor !
Now The car -tries- to start but it dies just as fast !
Will --run-- if we keep the key in the completely ON-Start Position !
Cleaned out the gas tank
Put a new Fuel pump in !
Put a new fuel filter on it !
New Battery etc:
Gets gas
Has fire
Called ford to be sure the ecm was correct for that motor !
Every thing checks out !
Kinda at a loss Here w/ this issue !
1988 Ford Thunderbird LX - Converted-/ 5.0 H/o
1989 5.0 H/o Mustang roller Engine in my
1988 Ford Tbird Lx Modified !
Engine Mods Completed
Headers !--w/ 0/2 bungs added
Bosch 19lb 4 hole injectors
A9p 91 Mustang Performance computer
Exhaust system redone -[ dual]
All done Oem !

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