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1966 mustang project opinions!!!!!

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Posted: 12/10/16 10:18 AM

Greetings to all!
So, I have a 66 mustang project car that I have been working on for a while and I'm not sure which direction I wanna go with it at this point. I'm gonna throw as much info as I can and hope for opinions, the research is done so I'm just looking for helpful experience from the knowledge pool.

The goal: build a street mid range torque monster that will win red light pissing contests while lighting the tires up while downshifting from a 20mph roll. Will likely never see the strip,but will be toyed with often on the street.

Possible direction: I have 2 explorer 8.8 3.73 LS rear ends that I was planning to use to build one rear end narrowed and centered to the tunnel that will be plenty strong enough to handle a dropped clutch. I'm not above an 8 in but my car was a six banger so I'll be purchasing new parts either way to make this happen. For a tranny I'm using a T5, converting from c4 auto to manual via mustang Steve kit. Front will have disc brakes and v8 factory style suspension with new components all around. As for the engine this is where the decision must be made. I have a 351w I built a few years ago that is basically a stock mid 80's engine with E7 heads and a 204/214 rv cam grind. Seems this would need work to get where I wanna be. Option 2 is the 1970 302 block I have that could be turned into whatever I want it to be. Honesty the major debate is whether I can live with building the smaller cubed engine a lacking torque that I know I will want, however I know the Windsor will be a gas hog and I plan to drive this car often hence why I don't want race car! I have the feeling a 306 with ported E7 heads or even gt40 , edelbrock e street, or flo tek heads will do me justice but I continue to think why not just do that to the existing 351w and have that much more. Looking for experienced opinions because I have never driven an early 60s mustang with either engine and I just don't want to regret the decision later. Either one will be carb for now but will likely get the FI tech efi asap after the budget allows.

Thank you all for your input!  

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