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Shaker 500 help

Estes Shawn Allen
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Joined: 01/17
Posted: 01/09/17 04:57 PM

It seems I have run into the issue that everyone has with CD's getting stuck, not ejecting and cycling through trying to eject even with the car off. Now we bought the car new in 08 so I'm sure its out of warranty so I was wondering if there is a way to just disconnect the CD player portion and just use the radio portion since I can't CDs out? Right now I have the fuse out in case the cycling with car off drains the battery.  

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Just Try It1
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Posted: 01/10/17 02:51 PM

i cover a different forum.. just dropped in..

you may find that there are radio specialty repair shops that can retrieve your CD and might be able to fix your CD player.

i have not examined the current CD players in fords.. all other CD players usually have an manual eject hole.. where a paper clip is pushed in and the manual eject lever is depressed..  might work..

the forums just got turned back on.. i don't know how many people have discovered them yet..  i would almost bet that there may be a magazine article on the CD issue.. have you searched..

other forums have a eject fix.

Take another CD out (one you don't like, it may get scratched) and when the little flap is open as you press Eject, just stick the other CD in on top of the stuck one and push down. Usually, after a few trys the CD comes right out.  

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