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Help-Water pump Accident

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Posted: 01/29/17 05:52 AM

While replacing water pump, tightening long bolt into wrong hole on the pump and felt click. Removed bolt and coolant rushed out of hole from engine.  This is original 1968 289 motor for this restoration project. I am learning as I go here.....am I screwed with this motor? Is there a way to fix this without having to replace the block.....  

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Just Try It1
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Posted: 06/03/17 12:04 PM

did you break the timing cover.. there are a bunch of bolts thru ford water pumps..

some only go thru the pump and into the timing cover.. others go all the way thru the timing cover.

timing covers are fairly easy to replace..  please inspect your timing chain also while in there..  new timing covers are available from several sources..  

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